@ Training

"Started Domaining 2009"

"2003, My First World Wide Web Idea"

"Let Me Talk Domain Names"

"Your First World Wide Web Idea 2003"

"Lets Meet and Talk Kyle, Have Some Good Ideas For Us"

"Let Me Talk Domain Names"

"Lots of People Want To Talk About Domain Names, Kyle"

"I Have Worked This All Out"

"Kyle, Definitely Starts with the Domain Name"

"Kyle, I Still Need To Talk More About All These Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle, Domaining Since 2009"

'Kyle, Domain Name Registrations Since 2009"

"Kyle, I Registered My First Domain Name In Less Than 18 minutes"

"Kyle, Within 18 Hours I Had Built A Portfolio Of Domain Names"

"Kyle, How Do This Take You Over 18 Years To Work Out"

"Kyle Grant, Said It Started With This 2003 Idea and Went Like this'"

"Women, 18 Years Of Internet Knowledge"


"Training Progam TBA"

"Ongoing Training If Required"

"Women, Portfolio Of Nearly 150 Domain Name"

"Kyle, I Like You Portfolio, Lot Of thought

"Her Portfolio, Not A Lot Of Thought"

"18 Hour Portfilio, Do You Think She Will Renewal Them"

"I Would Not Have Registered Them"

"Celebrating, Before Understanding Domain Name Wording"

"Not Ready For Remember, Domain Name Wording"

"Not One Of Our Domain Name Women Kyle"

"Not One Domain Name In Her Portfolio I Would Have Registered"

"She Might Still Be Able To Get A Domain Name Refund"

"18 Hours Compared To 18 Years"

"Then She Puts The Word On Me"

"I Agree"

"Still Have To Write This Training Manual"