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How Kyle Grant Started in the Film & TV Industry.

While holidaying in Los Angeles, I visited Universal Studios and while watching performances on stage. I was selected from the crowd to play a character on stage, while backstage, I was asked if I worked in the industry. A staff member suggested I should start. 

Returning to Australia, after some more serious thought about this suggestion. I joined a talent agency and booked into a 3month full-time Film & TV course and to started this venture. While on this course I started working on a Movie, then a TV Show, TV Commercial and then a TV show lead role audition.

Then more extra work, two small speaking roles, the first speaking role was on a TV Commercial and followed by a TV Show. Including a stand-in/body double role on a movie for a leading actor and then two more lead role auditions.

Many years later, upon returning to the industry, I started working in-house for a boutique talent agency and at this talent agency. I had various responsibilities including designing a workshop for a TV commercial, TV show & Movie extra. 

Why I designed an extras workshop? I had worked hundreds of hours as an extra on many different productions and gained a speaking role without audtioning. I was also continusely asked to come back for more extra work on the same productions. I was also asked to come back for a speaking role.

2021: Still Utilizing General Knowledge Gained

Personal & Business Knowledge.

    How MAny Characters

Lots of Different Characters.

Works Overview: 1994-2015

> Extra Work as many Different Characters.

>Hand Double.

>Stand-in/Body Double (Leading Actor).

>Two Speaking Roles (Few words).

>Three Lead Role Auditions (2 TV Commercials and 1 TV Show).

>Inhouse for Talent Agency (closed down, I was starting to help make this a success).

>Started Preparing for My Own Talent Agency and Approached and Offered an in-house Opportunity with an Established Talent Agency in Sydney.

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      How Many Productions?

Lots of TV Shows, TV Commercials & Movie Productions.

Complete Works: 1994-2015

2015: Talent Agency

Start Planning my own Talent Agency. (Back to Domain Names).

2015: In -HouseTalent Agency

Offered an Opportunity with an Established Talent Agency.

2015: In-HouseTalent Agency (subcontracting).

Unfortunately, the silent director had already decided that this was not a profitable business and decided to stop the business moving forward, prior to me arriving (closed down).

Talent Agency Responsibilities.

2007: TV Commercial

Lead Role Audition: Well-known Car.

2007: Movie

Extra: News Reporter and also a Spectator sitting in the crowd.

2005: TV Commercial

Extra: Well-known Beverage.

2004: Movie

Body/Stand in double for a Leading Actor: Solider.

2004: Movie

Extra: Soldier.

2004: TV Commercial

Lead Role Audition: Well-known Beverage, Walking Along the Beach, and attended many auditions.

2004: TV Commercial

Extra: Well-known car.

2003: TV Show (few words).

Including Extra (various), Hand Double (ninja stars), Speaking Role (soldier).

2002: Movie

Extra: Patron at a Pub.

2002: Movie

Extra: Sitting in the Courtroom Behind the Leading Actors.

2002: TV Commercial (few words).

Speaking Role: Applying for a Home Loan with Wife.

2002: TV Commercial

Extra: Well-known Car.

1996: London Venture

I was selected to go on the books for a Talent Agency (6 month waiting period, another level). Returned to Australia and progressed quickly.

1994: Movie

Regular Extra: Soldier.

1994: Movie

Extra: Patron at the Pub.

1994: TV Show

Regular Extra: Beach and Coffee Shop.

1994: TV Commercial

Extra: Patron in a Nightclub.

1994: TV Show

Lead Role Audition.

Character: Living at the Beach with Family (cast another person, my English accent).

1994: Corporate Video

Extra: Tradesmen.

1994: First Talent Agent

     how Many Hours of work?

Hundreds of Hours on TV Shows, TV Commercials & Movies.

Brisbane & Gold Coast.

First Course: Brisbane

First Talent Agent: Brisbane, First TV Show: Gold Coast, First Movie: Gold Coast, First TV Commercial (speaking), Brisbane. First TV Show (speaking), Gold Coast.

Inhouse: Talent Agency, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


   On Stage, Back Stage @ Universal Studios, Los Angeles.

First TV Show (speaking), Gold Coast.

Residency, Gold Coast, Australia.

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