@ Brisbane Meeting

"Lady At Registration"

"Kyle Grant's, Knew Meeting Room"

Still Waiting For Women

After Meeting With Kyle Grant Arranged

"Kyle, This Seems Like A Party Bus"

"This Will Be Professional"

"Kyle, My Seat Is Next to Yours On The Bus"

"Women, Who's Name"

"Kyle Grant, Remember Auction"

"Kyle Grant, Remember Gym"

"Kyle, I Remember About Sales and Developments"

"Kyle, This Bus Might Not Be Hired"

"I Agree"

Kyle, Said I Am Hiring Bus

"No Way To Get Women Home Together'

"It Seems You Are Not Listening To Me As Much"

"No Way To Get Home, Bus Hired"

"Kyle Grant, Should We Start Planing This Meeting"

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle Are We Registered"

"I Want To Speak With This Person First"

"Kyle Grant And Domain Names"

"Who Is This Kyle Grant"

"VIP, Kyle Grants Guest Speaker"

"Women, About Kyle Grant And Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle Grant, Said Confidential Meeting"

"Kyle Grant, Kyle Grant"

"Kyle Grant"

'Domain Name Wording

"Kyle Grant"

"Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle Grant, We Learnt A Lot"

"Kyle, Next Time More About 18 Years Of knowledge"

"Kyle Grant, I Will Be @ Brisbane Next time"

"Kyle Grant, I Missed The First Session"

"Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle Grant, YES"

"Worked Out Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle Grant, Said I Am Aways VIP Women"

"Kyle Grant, Said I Am Always Registration Women"

Kyle, Said Lets Talk About Next Meeting On Bus

"Kyle, Firstly Can We Talk About First Meeting "

"Kyle, Can We Also Talk About First Meeting"

"Registration Women Said No"

"Kyle, Said Leaving Brisbane On Party Bus"

"Women, Stay Professional On Bus"

"Kyle Grant, Does Not Own This Bus"

"Do Not Own Bus"

"Bus Hired"

"Women, Stay Professional On Bus"

"Advancment Process Underway"