Building Portfolios

"Since 2009"

How Kyle Grant Started with Domain Names.

Was trading as a very successfull dealer with one of the world's largest offline home security providers. I was shown a website by one of my door to door sales agents and I showed no interest. Due to unforseen circumstance outof my control, I decided to stop trading and was then offered a similar opportunity with an online security provider.

2003: I was shown another website and my first question. Can websites present to millions of people around the world? After some more serious thought about this online business concept. I decided to registered an email address and started reading everything I could find about this world wide web.

I was receiving hundreds of different newsletters, I received a newsletter about this commodity called domain names. While still researching and reading about the world wide web, I started researching and reading about domain name extensions, wording importance and vaualtion and more.

2007: I tried to start builing a portfolio of .com domain names.

2009: I had a different idea for domain name portfolios . After more research and study about the world wide web and domain name wording and extensions. I started domain name re-strategizing and then started building a domain name portfolio.

2021: I finally throught of a .com domain name idea. I have now built a portfolio of nearly 50 two and three word, instantly recognized, memorable .com domain names, with lot of thought.

"Since 2009, Kyle Grant Has Registered Hundreds of Domain Names"

"Still Trying to Work Out Why, Kyle Grant Has Registered Hundreds of Domain Names"

"Where Shall I Start"

"Kyle Grant, Said Think About The Wording"

Online Information Highway

While researching, registering, and renewing domain names, I subscribed to e-newsletters (lost count), joined membership sites (lost count), read articles (lost count), read e-books (lost count), hours of video footage (lost count). With many different styles, about many different areas of the internet.

World Wide Web.

Software: Who, Why, How Much, and When?

Marketing: Who, Why, How Much, and When?

"And Much More"

"Cyber Security"

"Kyle Grant, Said I Would Find That Good Domain Name. If I Thought About Wording"

"Yes, I Am Thinking About Wording"

"Kyle Grant, Domaining Since 2009"

Over the years, I have studied materials from hundreds of different publishers and producers from around the world. With many different styles, about many different areas of the internet.

"Starts with the Domain Name"

Domain Name Disclaimer: Kyle Grant represents and warrants that he is the lawful and exclusive registrant of all Domain Names registered by Kyle Grant. No other party has any right to the registration of any Domain Name registered to Kyle Grant.

Or has otherwise made any claim to any Domain Name registered to Kyle Grant. Kyle Grant further represents and warrants he has the exclusive authority to enter into this Domain Name transaction and transfer the Domain Name, free of the claims of any third parties.

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