@ Team Leader Meeting

Confidential Meeting

"Women, Team Meeting After Holiday"

"Team Leaders To Be Announced @ Team Leader Meeting"

'Kyle, How Many Women @ Team Leader Meeting"

"I Still Need To Talk With Catering"

"Kyle, Some Women Might Be Late"

"Gone To Day Party"

"Kyle, I Think I have Worked Out Domain Name Wording"

"Thanks For The Holiday Kyle"

"I Loved Brisbane"

"I Have Now Learnt About Domain Name Wording"

Kyle, Can We Still Get Married"

"Kyle, Some Women Said They Might Be Late For Meeting"

"Kyle, Some Women Will Not Be To Late For Meeting"

"Kyle, I will Be Late"

"I Dont Think I'am In Brisbane"

"I'am Still Lost About Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle Grant, I am Already There"

"I Have Now Worked Out Remember, Domain Name Wording"

"Kyle, I Organize Women"

"That Was Our Deal"

"I Think It Was Remember, Domain Name Wording"

"I Will Talk With Women.


"Work Out Remember Domain Name Wording"

Waiting For Women

Team Leader Meeting Rescheduled