Why, How and When?

First Question?

Second Question?

Third Question?

Fourth Question?

"There Are A More Than Four Questions, Kyle"

"Starts with The System"

QuestIon: 21

Question: 22

Question: 23

"Does The System Changes Ever Stop"

"Ask Kyle Grant"

"Kyle said, Networks May Have Changed"

"Success Formulas, Do Not Change"

"Kyle, Network Success Formulas, Not Going To Try And Work This Out"

"How About The Introduction Of Online Systems"

"Why, How And When"

"Kyle, Said Lots Of Correct Knowledge"

"Kyle, Said Have You Worked Out All About Offline Systems: Who, How and When"

"Trying To Work Out Online Systems"

"Online Systems"

"Starts with the Domain Name"

"Kyle, Said Put Simple"

"Starts with The Domain Name"

"Where Do You Direct Traffic, Domain Name.

"Back To The Brick and Morta Business"

"Where Do You Direct Foot Traffic, Street Address"

"What Do You Market, Domain Name"

"Where Do you Collect Data From, Domain Name, (Website Can't Just Do It).

'Website Can't Go On Online Without, Domain Name"

"What Do You Advertise, Domain Name"

What Do You Park Online, Domain Name"

Kyle, Said Starts with, Domain Name"

"Kyle, Said Then To The Additional Areas of Online Systems"

"Additional Areas of Online Systems"

"Online Operations"

"I have Started Reading"

"Starts with the Domain Name"

"Kyle Grant, I Have Read This Book That Said I Would Learn Everything"

"There ARE Lots Of These Books That Say This"

"Kyle, Has Read Lots Of These Books"

"More Than 18 Years Of Internet Knowledge"

"Starts With the Domain Name"

"Back To Team Development"

"Kyle Said, There Are More Than One Personality In The Administration Team"

"There Are Many More Outside Of The Administration Team"

"Then The Consumer"

"There Is A Lot More Involved, Than Just The Product and/or Service"

"Kyle Grant, Do These Team Building System Changes Ever Stop"

"Kyle, Said Sometimes"

"Team Development"

"Kyle Grant, How About Being The Best Sales Rep, Team Leader, Manager Ect"

"No, There Are Many More Areas"

"That Will Help"

Team Member Personalities, Can Change

Team Performance Should Not Change

"Kyle Grant, I Am Confused About Personalities"

"Kyle, Well"

"Kyle, Said This Is The Most Important Area Of Team Development"

"Kyle, Said This Can Not Be Introduced Into Start-up Costs"

"Kyle, Said Here Is Some Free Advice In One Word"


"Kyle, Characters"

"Kyle, I know What Your Thinking"

"All Your TV Commercials, TV shows & Movie works"

"Kyle, That's Some Smart Knowledge Introduction"


"Kyle, I Know, That Was a Very Smart Knowledge Introduction"

"I Learnt A Lot From Training, Through To The Screen"

"Characters, Personalities and Much More"

"Kyle Grant, Should I Get A Talent Agent"

"Then Introduce This Very Smart knowledge Into Team Development"

"To Learn About Characters and Personalites"

"Before Introducing, Make Sure You Work Hundres Of Hours On Set"

"It Also Helps When You Are Luky Enough To Have Conversations With the Leading Actors and Actresses"

"Leading Actors and Actresses, Make Sure You Let These People Speak To You First"

"Characters and Personalities"

"Hundreds Of Hours"

"Leading Actors and Actresses"

"Kyle, I Understand About Characters and Personalities"

"How About Auditions, Characters and Personalities "

"Agent First"

"Still Thinking Why Hundreds Of Hours of TV Commercials, TV Shows, & Movies First"

"I Am Changing This Topic"

"Finance Application Don't Change, Paperwork Might"

"Starts With The Agreement"

"I have worked closely with in-home finance, every applications get approved. Been approved for first chance finance dealerships. Had second chance finance agreements in place, also been approved for rent to own commercial finance dealership. Also converted first chance declined applications into second chance approvals. With over the phone proposal and then in person with a 100% success rate. Also worked closely with paperwork amendments".

"Kyle, More About Agreements"

"Where, Why and How Again"


Style and Wording Changes, Means Exactly The Same.


Style and Wording Changes, Means Exactly The Same.


Style and Wording Changes, Means Exactly The Same.

"Kyle, Much More To be Consider About All These Different Agreements and Styles"

"Kyle Grant, Who Taught You and Have Your Forgot"

"Much More To Consider, Wait for It In Writing"

"How Can I Forget What All The Best Have Taught Me"

"Also Many Years Of Self Education, Working Out All These Different Written Agreement Styles"

"Kyle Grant, Agreements"

"Thought I worked This One Out And Then There Where Many More"

"Kyle Grant, How Did You Work Them Out"

"Was Provided My First Agreement Written By The Best and Then Agreement Kept Superseding"

"Totally Confused"

"Then Many Years Of Self Education"

"Good Luck Trying To Catch Me Out With And Agreement Word"

"Good Luck Trying To Catch Me Out With Any Section Of An Agreement"

"The Deal"

"Kyle, Agreement Dramas"

"Kyle Grant, All These Agreements Will Take Me Days To Read and Understand

"I Thought We Had One Deal"

"Kyle Grant, I Cant Sign This I Don't Undestand 90% Of This Agreement

"You Both Will Not Be Reay For Our Meeting with Kyle Grant"

"I Am Ready, Which Clause Don't You Understand"

"Why Are There So Many Clauses"

"Lets Rewrite This Agreement For This Deal With Kyle Grant"

"@ DEAL"

"Still With Agreement Dramas"


"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle"




"Kyle Grant, Has Been Waiting Days For His Agreement"

"Kyle Grant, I Have Nearly Wrote These Service Manuals"

"I Have Already Planned To Expand Oversees"

"Kyle, When Where These Products Introduced Into This Deal"

"Where Is My Agreement"

"Kyle Grant, I have Been Thinking About This Agreement"

"Nearly Got Confused With All These Superseded Clauses and Amendments"

"That Have Been Mentioned"

"My Thinking Is Much Different To Yours About This Agreement"

"Should Have Wrote All The Agreement Myself"

"Kyle Grant, Has Given Us The Agreement For Team Performance"


"Agreement Signed"

Over the Years Kyle Grant, Has been in talks with many business's who said they had the cash flow to manage my proposed amount of sales. I decided to stop talks, with these business's as they had know were near the cash flow required. My proposed amount of sales required millions of dollars in yearly cash flow. These business owners had the belief and could only a dream about the amount of my weekly proposed amount of sales.

How do I know that my offer required millions of dollars in yearly cash flow.

I was shown the exact success formula and worked closing with this exact formula. With Local, national and multinational networks.

My Own Success Formula, Generated more sales, than these multinationals, Australian offices in my first week of operations .

Sometimes Success Comes To Quick and Some People Do Not Like Being Out Shined.

"How Can I Forget, My Success Formula and Others"

"They Forgot, Team Development"

My Team Building Comments: It's easy to sell an opportunity to potential team member(s). Although, taking your opportunity and team to the next level, is not as easy as first thought. I have heard about and know of many business's that recruited a team by selling their opportunity. Although team members starting leaving within a short amount of time and then the business started losing money quickly, direction and then total belief.

They Will Still Be Asking There self: Why, How and When and Much More.

I spoke with a few of these business's after they lost total belief.

Why? Many Reasons. Main Reason: Starts with the System.

"Team Building"

"Need Help Starting a Team?"

"Need Help Improving, Your Teams Personal Performance?"