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Good Domain Name is similar to a good block of land. 

You then need to design your website, like a brick and mortar building. 

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Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credibility, Memorable.

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Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credibility, Memorable.

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Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credibility, Memorable.

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"Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credible, Memorable"

Domain Name Extensions.

2003: Introduction to Website and Email. 

2007: I decided to start building a portfolio of .com domain names. After many weeks of research and study on .com domain name extension and wording and while reading about the World Wide Web, online business and the internet, I found that all the one-, two- and even three-word, instantly recognisable, credible, memorable .com domain names were either already registered, developed or for sale.

2009: I had a different idea for domain name portfolio. I started researching different domain name extensions, the importance of wording and valuations and more about the World Wide Web. Several months later I started building domain name portfolio of Top Level, County Code & Country Code Top Level Domain Names.

2013: Domain Name Portfolio Management

2021: I finally thought of a .com domain name idea. I have now built a portfolio of nearly 50 two- and three-word, instantly recognisable, credible and memorable .com domain names, with lots of thought put into their wording. They are all similar to .net, .org, .info, .biz and country code domain names.

2024: Beyond....

"Kyle Grant, 18 years of knowledge about the Internet"

"Door to Door Team Building to Websites and Domain Names"

"I am still trying to work out, about the Internet"

Door to Door, Door to Door, Door to Door Teams?"

"2003, World Wide Web Idea from Door to Door Teams"

"2009, Domain Name Registrations"

Domain Name

Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credibility, Memorable.

Wording, Lots of Thought!

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"7 Continents Registered"

Info Definition: Information 

Registrations 2013 - 2021


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Cyber Security Implementation?

While brainstorming ideas for my domain name portfolios. I started to understand the importance of cybersecurity and the many vulnerabilities that are available and made valuable for these hackers. 

Cyber Attacks? 

There are many reasons why cyber attacks take place and it's not just about financial gain.

How Much Implementation and Monitoring?

Where to Start and where to Finish with Cyber Security Stargates?

"Kyle Grant, Domaining Since 2009"

"Most Important Factor"

"Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credible and Memorable Domain Name"

Kyle and Domaining

Since 2009 and Studied Materials from Hundreds of Different Publishers.

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Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credible and Memorable.

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"Most Important Factor"

"Minimal Words, Instantly Recognized, Credible and Memorable Domain Name"

   "Kyle Grant"

"Kyle Grant, first World Wide Web Idea"

"Kyle Grant, Registering Domain Names Since 2009"

"Kyle Grant, Domaining Since 2009"

Over the years, Kyle Grant has studied materials from hundreds of different publishers and producers, from around the world. With many different styles and about many different areas of the internet. 

 "Starts with the Domain Name"

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Domain Name Disclaimer: Kyle Grant represents and warrants that he is the lawful and exclusive registrant of all Domain Names registered by Kyle Grant. No other party has any right to the registration of any Domain Name registered to Kyle Grant.

Or has otherwise made any claim to any Domain Name registered to Kyle Grant. Kyle Grant further represents and warrants he has the exclusive authority to enter into this Domain Name transaction and transfer the Domain Name, free of the claims of any third parties.

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